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Today's Challenge: Touch a wall with your top teeth. 

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Dec 18, 2014
7:55 pm
Dec 18, 2014
1:21 am
Dec 17, 2014
8:18 pm
Dec 16, 2014
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Dec 13, 2014
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Iron Skyreaver by Firequill
Iron Skyreaver
Could it BE?!?!


But it is truly true. I made an art for the first time in a long time! I recently started playing WoW (like a few months ago or something?) and tried to steal some artistic inspiration from that via one of my favourite mounts! Yay! I've been working on this off and on for almost a month between work and WoW sessions and finally can say I guess I'm done or whatever now.

I could definitely feel the rust around my artistic joints trying to colour something seriously after so long not being in practice. My PSD is filled with unnamed layers that make no sense in terms of what I painted on them and my process overall was super clunky, but I'm happy I managed to get something finished.

I might make a wallpaper version of this too. Oooo~

I submit doodles and sketches to my tumblr whenever I make them, so be sure to check it out for more stuff!

Edit: I made the wallpapers!

Life, Art, Tumblr!

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 2, 2014, 8:41 PM

Hello, deviantART land! It has, yet again, been forever since I've written anything. It's not likely that I will update my journal much at all, but I did want to say that I still draw things and post them! But not as much here as to tumblr. I think I've mentioned my tumblr before, but I'm just throwing it out there again for good measure!

I mainly only have the energy for sketches since I've been super busy since I got a job in November as a motion capture artist! Phwoah! I get to stick shiny balls on actors and stunt people in skin-tight clothes and participate in game and film shoots and clean up the captured data afterward! Which is completely not even a career that had ever crossed my mind, but I've been enjoying working at the studio I'm at so far! I'm kind of sad I don't have more time for art, though at the same time I think I've been feeling burnt out for a long time and doing a more technical job is kind of a refreshing break. Now that I have less time, I'm spending my drawing sessions playing with my drawing style more so than just trying to pump out more 10+ hour coloured pieces and I feel like I'm making some nice advances artistically, however small.

I still visit dA to check art and favourite things, but I've been letting notes stack up and comments go unreplied to. I just don't have a lot of time for it and feel kind of disconnected from the dA community anyway since it's been years since I was an active participant. For now I just kind of want to lurk in the shadows, +faving your art without commenting and then scurrying back to my tumblr dash.

So that's some things! I've been meaning to write this journal entry for months, but it took until now for me to gather the motivation to do it!

  • Mood: Tired
  • Reading: Wizard Boy Harry and the Secret Snake Dungeon
  • Playing: Spyro 3, Bravely Default, The Last Story
  • Eating: Chocolegg


Firequill's Profile Picture
Artist | Digital Art
Dear, sweet, lovely World,

I'm a mostly-digital-occasionally-traditional artist person who went to school at Think Tank Training Centre to learn the ways of 3D animationsmithery and is now working as some kind of motion capture magician at Animatrik Film Design!

All the 2D art stuff though is self-taught through [NEVER ENOUGH!!!11] hours of practice, reading, checking out online tutorials and so on and et cetera. I've drawn things since forever, but the interest only really started barrelling down a more serious path when I learned about how to use construction lines and other Drawing Techniques of Amazement™ when I was 13 or so. But even then, I didn't understand the value of studying from life and photos until my latter teens, WHICH IS A BIT SILLY. I like art because I like the idea of being able to capture images in your imagination in a way you can share with others. And also because studying shape/anatomy and colour is like figuring out a weird puzzle where you imagine a 3D object but try to express it convincingly in 2D!

I also enjoy web design and programmy things and have had some good masochistic fun trying to make games in Flash, but I'm probably not going to pursue that much further than I have already unless I'm struck with irresistible urge or the condition known as 'Surplus Time'.

TumblrWyspFlight Rising



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